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Goforth Acupuncture, Inc.

Specializing in the incorporation of acupuncture and massage for the effective treatment of musculoskeletal injuries including lower back pain, bulging discs, knee pain, rotator cuff and shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, ankle pain, and tendonitis. Greta Goforth, L.Ac., MSTOM is a certified sports medicine acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner, licensed since 2007 with 14 years experience as a licensed acupuncturist and 20 years experience in massage. Treatments include anatomy-based acupuncture, massage and/or cupping, topical liniments, ​and aromatherapy for stress relief. Feel free to book online, call, text, or email to book an appointment (insurance accepted but benefits must be verified first by Goforth Acupuncture before coverage is guaranteed).

*COVID note: It is of the utmost importance to me to provide a sanitary, disinfected environment for my patients. The headrest, storage container for patient items, door handle, and table is disinfected regularly and practitioner is fully vaccinated (Moderna 2 shot series + booster)

Acupuncture Treatment Includes:

Neck and Shoulder Massage


Massage 15 minutes

Pain-relieving liniments and herbs

Greta Goforth, L.Ac.

Certified Sports Medicine Acupuncturist, holistic health practitioner, MSTOM

187 Calle Magdalena, ste. 214, Encinitas CA 92024

(760) 815-6265

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