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Recent Testimonials

“I wasn’t a believer in acupuncture until Greta treated me. As a runner and triathlete, injuries are inevitable especially when you’re training for races. During my IronMan training I had a foot injury that was nagging me. I found that one of the areas Greta specializes in is sports medicine. Within two sessions she alleviated my foot pain and I was back to training. I had also saw her for treatments for a pinched nerve that affected my upper back and neck when turning my head, resulting in excruciating pain. After a couple of treatments, I was able to turn my head again without the pain. With her treatments I was able to finish my training session and completed my IronMan. Greta has a passion for her healing and gifted talent with acupuncture. When she’s working on you, she is 100% focused on the treatments and ensuring the most effective outcome for you. If you are looking for an acupuncturist who knows this medicinal practice, she is the one. I would highly recommend her!


I broke my tibia plateau and went to Greta for acupuncture treatments weekly then eventually biweekly until I became completely pain-free. I didn’t have to use pain pills at all during the long healing time thanks to her. When pain and swelling kicked up, I went to see her and got immediate relief. I absolutely recommend Greta for all your ailments! She is a miracle worker! She is so in tune with what’s happening in your body and addresses it. She basically healed me!! Thank you!! 150% recommended!!

Erin S.

Greta Goforth is a gifted acupuncturist and her energy is very positive. She has helped me for many years with my chronic back pain. I always leave her office feeling better and energetically lighter. My fiancé recently recovered from Bell’s palsy with Greta‘s help. She is an expert at treating this condition. He had significant improvement immediately after her treatments. Greta is kind, compassionate, and truly cares about the well-being of her patients. Very highly recommended!!

Greta is amazing. She is very highly trained and has an excellent rapport with patients. We can’t thank her enough for helping our family whenever someone is injured or sick.

Arbie F.

Pamela W.

I had a pinched nerve in my neck. Could not twist my neck to look over my shoulder, my left arm would go numb, could not ride my motorcycle, could not go surfing, it was no fun. I had gone through PT with some improvement. My Doctor recommended acupuncture. I saw Greta for treatment maybe 6 times. I had never been to an acupuncturist, and was very surprised that I did not feel the needles at all. She also treated my neck with a e-stim and traction. At the end, my neck felt 100% better and has continued to improve. So now I’m back to all my hobbies with almost full range of motion and no pain!

I finally found an acupuncturist who has a special interest/training in sports related injuries! As an athletic surfer in her mid 40s, recovery is so important. Greta is now my FIRST go-to practitioner. Recently, I had a stubborn back strain for several weeks. After one session with Greta, I felt an improvement and was back to surfing less than a week later.

Ray P.

Kristen V.

I twisted my ankle in October and suffered a hamstring problem leading to the SD holiday half marathon. I was devastated because I had trained so hard for my PR so I decided to give it a shot with Greta. Not only did she help alleviate the pain but also checked on my arch and hips to identify some muscle imbalances. Long story short, I PR’ed my half marathon time by six minutes and it was exactly what I planned for. The moment Greta scans your muscles, she will know where the knots are and will talk with you to fix the root issues. My body responded very well with the treatment, I highly recommend Greta for acupuncture!

Highly recommend Greta! I honestly didn’t think I would be able to walk again without pain and a limp. I suffered for almost a year even after seeing a medical doctor, a podiatrist, and a physical therapist. And I have had acupuncture before with mixed results but not coupled with the sports medicine that Greta used. WOW! What a difference. I am walking with no pain or limp. Thank you Greta!

Daniel T.


I’m not going to lie, before going to Greta I was skeptical of acupuncture. But after years of reoccurring shoulder injury, my options were coming down to surgery, cortisone shots, or acupuncture. Greta‘s work greatly exceeded my expectations. My shoulder is totally healed now. I weight lift frequently. There was about a year where I couldn’t comfortably bench press the bar (45 pounds). Since then my strength not only returned but it has increased (I can bench 225 pounds now). I totally attribute this to Goforth Acupuncture.

Greta is amazing and after a car accident has helped relieve my pain from whiplash. She is knowledgeable, prompt, and excellent and I highly recommend her for a multitude of ailments!

Jade L.

Kim S.

Greta is a brilliant healer, I have known her for a decade now and her skills are unparalled. Her needle placements are painless, efficient, effective, and precise. From carpal tunnel to whiplash, she has an intuition as a practitioner that is unsurpassed. She is exceptionally well educated in anatomy, and this education serves her patients. She has also worked at a world-class spa, so understands the psychological benefits of providing a calming, therapeutic environment and experience. I give her my highest endorsement and refer my loved ones and peers.

Stacy G.

I never thought Acupuncture would be this effective!  I came to Greta with sharp pains in my shoulder and a loss of mobility in my arm as a result of a rotator cuff issue. I felt relief after my first treatment and 95% better after my second. I just went in for my third and final treatment and I feel great. I have full mobility back in my arm now, no more pain and I can sleep again at night. Greta combines acupuncture with a deep massage of the affected area. The combination is perfect. With her profound knowledge, extensive education, and experience I can certainly see why so many come to her for a treatment. Greta‘s treatments are affordable, and she runs on schedule. No wait! If I am ever hurting again, she will be my first call!

Emily B.

Greta has such knowledge of about how the human body works it’s incredible. She knows her stuff and always helps me feel so much better. There are so many acupuncturist close to where I live. But I choose to travel to see Greta Goforth. This woman is amazing at what she does. I highly recommend her

Diane H.

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